Christmas With The Ghostly Trio (cassette rip)


I found this cassette at a used record store one summer for a quarter and took it home. What is it?  Some weird ass instrumental Xmas tunes that sound like you are trapped at a bizarre holiday party with three drunk guys playing carols while you are in the grip of some seriously heavy narco haze. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Almost Lynchian with a touch of neo-noir. You just might feel like you are stumbling down a long hallway in a monochrome Dutch angle and slow motion. I did.

I tried splitting this into individual tracks and ended up with three extra! Guess I’m not as good with the Christmas tunes as I’d like, huh? Hemmed and hawed and decided to just upload this as side one and two. I hope that’s cool with you all.

320. Track list, credits, and cover included.

Get it here.

Or you can go for Sgt. Howie’s rip. It’s a bit cleaner and he bothered to separate the mofo into tracks. How’s about that?

Thanks, Sarge!

Get that here.


13 thoughts on “Christmas With The Ghostly Trio (cassette rip)

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This may be the best Xmas music I’ve ever heard. All it needs is a little person, dressed all in red, dancing to it and talking as if recorded backwards and forwards at the same time.

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